Treatment of Alcohol DEPENDENCE

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Regular, heavy and long-time drinking alcoholic beverages results in alcohol-related problems that are among the most significant public health issues in the world. Many people struggle with controlling their drinking at some time in their lives. 

Treatment of alcohol dependence requires a combination of medications, behavioral treatment, participation in support groups, lifestyle modifications, skill development, counseling and psychotherapy. There is no magic bullet for treatment of alcohol or drug dependence, as there is no magic treatment for treatment of most medical conditions! Diabetes and asthma, is better managed by a combination of medications, dietary and behavioral approaches. Alcohol dependence is better managed and controlled by a team-based approach. Your treatment plan needs to be tailored to your medical, physical, social and environmental conditions. Your treatment plan needs to consider risks of fall, seizure, intoxication, driving safety, and occupational safety and risks.  

Natural medical products and supplements can be used as alternative to or as adjunct to your treatment regimen.  Medications need to be continued at the right dose and for long enough period so that your chance of success increases. For more information please visit .